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Lock-Down Tales: New Friends/ Visitors

New friends and guests at home; Eddy the Squirrel, Kalya the Crow, Tom the Cat, Jessy the Cow and Lappy the dog. All of them visit the house at different times of the day, they are served snacks, water and food when ever possible. The other day Eddy the Squirrel got his friends with him and they had a biscuit party with heated debates on how the Government is stealing their nuts, pun intended đŸ˜€

What I am doing to help these natures creatures is; keeping a bowl of pop corn; also my favorite snack; in the balcony with a bowl of water for our bird friends to snack on and drink when they need water. A bucket of water outside my gate; chained; so that Lappy the Dog and Jessy the cow can have a drink when needed. We also have a tub like tray where we throw in our left overs and vegetable scraps, bones etc. 

Tom the cat comes in once a day around 10:00AM and is served milk with rice, bread, biscuits soaked in warm milk. Eddy isn’t a frequent visitor, but when ever he is in he gets to have a Good Day (biscuits) with his friends, they also help themselves to the pop corn.