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Windows 10: tips and tricks; yeah right!

To list all the tips and tricks with Microsoft Windows is humanly impossible; so bare with me while I list a few here that will surely be worth your time reading this post which I published after a long time on Technology. I use many keyboard shortcuts to help me navigate windows and it's applications they I must say are a game changer for me since I don't use the mouse unlike all other users. Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that provide an alternate way to do something you'd typically do with a mouse.  Bonus material; you should follow Liron Segev on his YouTube channel for more tips and technology if you are into that kind of thing; a special request to those who believe that the internet was created for free porn! So are you ready to read on and be more productive on Windows? If yes, read on; else just click the affiliate links on the site and buy stuff off amazon and make me happy.

The gratitude attitude and random positive thoughts

Dear readers; I am sure all of us go through a lot of ups and downs in life. Some situations really challenge the best of us. This month I realised that money doesn't actually solve all the problems in your life; specially the problems that are to do with relationships. I am not saying that money cannot solve any problems, what I am saying is that it can't solve all your problems. Money is a means/ tool that can be used to facilitate the cost of living but it's not life. I am sure that someone who is battling a critical illness, a life battling one; is going to get back at me for that statement; do you know how much does hospitalisation cost? Today's post is all about the attitude of gratitude. Why you may ask and allow me to elaborate as the content of this post. Also added bonus, positive messages that will bring in the right frame of mind as you battle todays challenges.

New subscribers; lot to write about and the race against time

A week back or mor; I reached out to my groups on Facebook asking, actually begging to help increase my subscribers list. I was overwhelmed by 4 subscribers! If I were to do my statistics on the number of groups I posted in and the number of subscribers I got post this effort; the percentage of success would be 4%. A number that I just made up because my computing with percentages is like asking a duck to fly!

So long and thanks for all the fish! - a tribute to the world legends that died when I wasn't looking...

Time froze for me after 2011; sight loss happened and everyone I saw last were encrypted in my memory as I last saw or remembered seeing them. During this time many legends that I followed, admired and grew up with were dyeing and their memories were being revived in my head as I heard about their passing. This stupid post is a mediocre attempt to pay tribute to such world legends. I might not have got them all listed but I wanted to get at least a few of them documented on this post for it to have some meat/ content. Before I start listing each individual; world legend; please understand that this list is not comprehensive nor is it chronological in order. I am just writing about them from memory; have used online resources to get the facts about them so that I am not misquoted on any of the events. Honestly, this isn't even a list!

Wishing you a creepy Christmas and a really FCUK'ed New Year!

Hey let's not get excited by the title of this post. We all know that as of today Santa is your Dad who works his ass off; probably as a developer at an IT firm; to put the tree and the gifts beneath it in your house. Come on all ye faithful; even the food on your dining table is credits to your Dad, yeah I know your Mom cooked it but your Dad had to marry her, buy her gifts, remember their marriage anniversary, their first kiss, their first date, their first whatever; you know all those days that women want you to remember from the past that have no significance to the present or the future. Now that is a lot of work for a Dad who also has to juggle politics at work, the country, pay utility bills and once in a while get drunk on beer just to get treated as horse piss at home by whom? Your Mother! What I am trying to say is give the Dad a break will you? Honestly, we take a lot of poop (censored for the audience else it would have been: shit) from the family and the world at large