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When down, impress yourself!

Yes, everyone has those days when you feel down and insignificant. How do you overcome this time? How do you deal with such a feeling and emotion? Some I know have taken up drinking as a solution, some drugs and some went to extremes and tried ending their life. I wouldn't judge their decision but to me, it's wrong a total NO, NO to indulge in anything toxic to bring you back to feeling good about things and ending your life, come on seriously get help!

Computer usage: blind Vs sighted; keyboard Vs mouse

This has been reproduced from another article on the web, to which is referenced at the end of the article. I have added my thoughts and some change to the structure to express this topic so that it becomes an interesting read and all of us can get a good understanding of how a sighted person uses the computer Vs a screen reader user; an assistive technology for the blind. This article has to be read with the perception of understanding both types of users; it's not a competitive analysis where one has to judge between the 2 types of users i.e. who is the better one...

Mind Your Language; gramma can wait

If you grew up around the 70's you might recall this really entertaining cultural sitcom by the name Mind Your Language which was a British sitcom that premiered in 1977. Each character in that sitcom was so entertaining and full of cultural disconnect, yet they met in a classroom having one objective of wanting to learn English from a British teacher Mr. Brown. I don't know if the full episodes of that sitcom are available on YouTube but I have in my feed seen a few clippings from the sitcom. Do search for it and give them a watch, promise you will ROFL! Better yet, if you could still get the DVD of this sitcom, go get it!