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I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket; may be not anymore...

Youth. A time fueled by bad poetry, questionable fashion choices, and a permanent state of sleep deprivation. Those were the glory days of young love, where my ideal partner was basically a living cliché. Smoky eyes? Check. Miniskirt and a long jacket? Absolutely. The kind of girl who'd be down for all-night philosophical ramblings while I fumbled with a lighter (because lighters were cool, okay?). We'd be the fools dancing in the rain, giggling like idiots, then sharing a lukewarm cup of coffee at sunrise because who needs sleep when you're young and "in love"?

Ditch the Drama, Find Your Peace: How Today's Youth Are Redefining Relationship Endings

The sting of a fractured relationship, be it romantic or platonic, is a universal experience. In the aftermath, a yearning for closure often takes center stage. We crave answers, explanations, that final conversation that supposedly ushers in peace and acceptance. But in today's fast-paced, "move on" culture, particularly amongst youth, is the concept of closure overhyped or even outdated?