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Beyond WhatsApp: Empowering Older Adults in the Digital Age

Living in a world that increasingly revolves around digital interactions, I often find myself straddling two realities. On one hand, I'm an enthusiastic early adopter, comfortable navigating the world of online payments, social media, and all the latest apps. But on the other hand, there are my parents. They've mastered the art of using their smartphones for calls, messages and WhatsApp, but venturing beyond that feels like a daunting expedition into uncharted territory.

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Why Accessibility Should Be Your Design Mantra

Have you ever encountered a website or an application that seemed designed to frustrate you? Tiny fonts, confusing layouts, and buttons that vanish when you hover over them – these are just a few examples of poor accessibility that can leave anyone feeling excluded. But for people with disabilities, these hurdles can be a daily reality, shutting them out of vital information and opportunities.