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OS Wars: Most Popular Operating Systems Market Share (Desktop and Mobile)

I am no subject matter expert; but I believe this subject is worth writing and thinking about. I have been using the Windows OS from the time I remember and appreciating it now after sight loss; due to a medical condition called Glaucoma; trending the Windows 10 OS on my work and home PC. However, I use an IOS smart phone - iPhone and don't have any gadgets that I personally use that have the android OS. You might wonder why, well simply put IOS has better accessibility features compared to android according to me. Everything under the sun is debatable and lets not get there by directing this post to android VS IOS; stick to the OS wars!

How to be a good disability ally

Courtesy: Holly blog - LIFE OF A BLIND GIRL    Honestly; screen readers and the internet were the 2 best things invented after sliced bread. However, I can put sliced pizza on that list too! This post is a subject that I wanted to write about for a long, long time but the forces of life and time have really given me enough of challenges to deal with. From engaging on social media, advocating accessibility and creating awareness on assistive technology I have been up the hill so many times sometimes it just gets me tired. I do have a social life which I try to balance along all this and lately due to the pandemic I don't see much of that happening as it was earlier. Holly and I met on YouTube; she runs a channel mainly talking about disability and her life. Very interesting as I wanted to know how a person with a visual impairment/ print disability of the opposite gender goes about addressing their challenges due to their limitation. I will write more about that in some other

Living Blind: Hacks and tricks

"Winners don't do different things. They do things differently." - Shiv Khera. Too early to say if I is a winner because to be a winner you need to be successful and success is subjective and for me the road to success has always been under construction; or it's just the excuse I give myself and others. In this post I share with you a few tips and tricks that help me live with a life with blindness. For those who aren't aware, I lost my sight progressively due to a medical condition called Glaucoma in the year 2011. I hope what I share here is not only educative but entertaining at the same time. Just remember this I don't do different things, I do them differently!

Inclusive Images: adding ALT Text to your images on social media

Everyone engages on social media; what fun it is to connect and exchange information, ideas and a few laughs on social media. However, when sharing images on your social media accounts if you are not considering adding ALT Text to the images; you are not being inclusive and have not considered engaging persons who use an assistive technology called a screen reader due to their print disability. In todays post we are going to understand on how to add ALT Text to the images you upload on your social media accounts. This not only benefits persons with a print disability who use a screen reader but it's also great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The art of shaving: DE Safety Razors

A mundane chore of shaving is now become an art; not every morning unfortunately because I have moved on from traditional or so called modern shaving tools and techniques to better eco-friendly and luxury shaving products that take time and patience. Every day is a new experience and every experience has a new learning and there is a lot more experienced than said in this post but here is a good insight on the subject.