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Suicide is painless...

"Through early morning fog I see; Visions of the things to be The pains that are withheld for me; I realize and I can see... That suicide is painless; It brings on many changes And I can take or leave it if I please." ~ Johnny Mandel - 1969 I shortly realized that I am no man of steel. I too had emotions of anger, love, loneliness and wanted to be there with the rest of the world. However, this sudden shift in life due to the disability which I didn't subscribe for left me wanting to get out. I am not saying get out in the sense of ending it all. I meant wanted not to be in it; seek for a miracle OR a cure where I could see the world and it's brilliant colors again. Hang out with my friends and enjoy playing all the games on my PlayStation 2, take a ride and get frustrated with the traffic in my city, enjoy a good time with the girls at the club etc. Sadly, I knew that this was just not possible anymore. I am trapped in my head thanks to my blindness no matter what I

Lunch Box: The pretty you!

We actually were discussing on how the prettier you are, the lonelier you are as a person. This is because a pretty woman gets all the wanted attention from the opposite sex but the intentions are based on desire, lust etc. In such cases the pretty woman avoids all advancements towards her and deep inside is very lonely. 


  Recently I have been having deliberations with friends on how challenging life is in today's times. It's getting tougher and extremely stressful to live in the city. You have constant thoughts of your earnings, your job, your relationship etc. Sometimes the future looks indistinguishable.  so these kind of deliberations got me pondering and the thought of Dead and LIGHT WEIGHT dawned on to me. before you think that this post is anything to do with the gym, let me explain what I mean with Dead & LIGHT WEIGHT. And in the course of explaining to you about these WEIGHTS I hope you will find out why I felt it was for me to share this with you.   Everything that causes you stress is Dead WEIGHT. This Dead WEIGHT is heavy and drags with you slowing you down every opportunity it gets. Dead WEIGHT is a burden, so the more you carry it with you the higher the chances you will slow down, think negatively, respond to situations in a cynical manner. Dead WEIGHT works with you on a psy