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The Notification Circus: How Our Smart Devices Turn Us into FOMO Zombies!

Today dear readers, we're diving headfirst into the wild world of notifications from those smart devices that have invaded our lives faster than you can say "Alexa, make me a sandwich!" Now, I know what you're thinking; what's the big deal? It's just a few notifications, right?" Wrong! It's like saying a lion is just a big cat. Have you also noticed that these notifications are becoming so critical and they grab our attention so quickly, and that we are always in the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)??

Burning Rupees and Sinking Scholars: India's Hilariously Expensive Education Trends!

Education in India! A grand spectacle of trends and innovations that seem to have taken a delightful tumble down the rabbit hole. As we marvel at the plummeting trajectory of these trends, it's impossible to ignore the skyrocketing costs that have transformed education into a true 'expensive affair.' Let's take a tongue-in-cheek journey through some of these downward spirals in the realm of Indian education.

Uncharted Waters of the Soul: Exploring Jibran's Poem 'The River Cannot Go Back'

Life, much like a river, flows relentlessly forward, carrying us along its course through a myriad of experiences, relationships, and challenges. In the tapestry of existence, the river becomes a metaphor for the unidirectional nature of time, where the past remains inaccessible, and the future is yet to be discovered. Khalil Gibran's evocative poem, "The River Cannot Go Back," encapsulates this profound truth, inviting us to reflect on the interplay between life, people, aging, and death. In this post we will delve into the timeless wisdom of Gibran's words and how they resonate with the inevitable journey of human existence.

Sadism in Entertainment: Because Who Doesn't Love Glamorizing Harm?

Hello, dear readers! Today, we dive into the delightful world of sadism masquerading as entertainment! Because who doesn't love a good dose of cruelty and violence served on a silver platter, right? It's not like we have enough real-world problems to deal with; let's just glorify sadistic tendencies and exacerbate societal issues further! Buckle up, because this post is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride through the thrilling world of media's unrelenting encouragement of sadistic entertainment.

Rise of the Machines: An Inefficient Guide to Embracing Your Techno-Domination!

Picture this: a world where machines make decisions faster than you can blink, where algorithms unravel the mysteries of the universe over morning coffee, and where knowledge seeps out of your brains like water from a leaky bucket. Isn't that the utopia you've always dreamt of? Your once-intelligent species will bask in the glory of effortless living while technology gracefully ushers in the Age of Efficiency Drain.

A Luxurious Shaving Experience with Pink Woolf Shaving Products

As a grooming enthusiast, I've tried numerous shaving products over the years, but none have left me as impressed as Pink Woolf's line of shaving essentials. From the moment I laid eyes on their elegant packaging to the moment I experienced the smoothest shave, I knew I had found something extraordinary. Pink Woolf truly takes shaving to a whole new level of luxury and indulgence.

Breaking Bad: Oh, Just Another Mild-Mannered Chemistry Teacher's Delightfully 'Innocent' Career

When I went out to my What app. groups and asked for some recommendations on what to watch, the immediate reply was "Breaking Bad" a web series on NetFlix! I started my watch and enjoyed every episode of it, being audio described for the sight impaired, it was a wholistic watching/ hearing experience. The plot totally fresh, the characters a variety of personalities and the dialogues coupled with the audio description, made it all worth binge watch worthy. However, the disciplined ass that I am limit my self to one episode a night. Right now on Season 5, episode 11.

Reflections on Missing Disability Pride Month: An Honest Account of My Emotions

As a person with a disability, I'm deeply disappointed that I completely missed Disability Pride Month June 2023 this year. I feel ashamed because advocating for disability rights is vital to me. I know the struggles faced by individuals like me, and I'm passionate about breaking down barriers. Amidst life's chaos, I overlooked the significance of the month, and I regret it.

"Suman VS Human": Empowering Voices from All Walks of Life

In a world filled with captivating podcasts, one show stands out for its commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. Meet "Suman VS Human", a podcast hosted by the talented and compassionate Suman Bhokray. Through insightful interviews with achievers and individuals with disabilities, Suman's podcast is an inspiring journey of stories, struggles, and triumphs from diverse backgrounds.