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Windows 10; you are just like a woman...

When you have worked with Windows as long as I have, you would have appreciated the improvements in the operating system after each update. I remember not long ago where I felt that Windows XP was the best OS out there! Microsoft surprised me with Vista; which I did not consider upgrading to and then there was Windows 7. I decided to jump right into an upgrade and saying good bye to Windows XP after such a long relationship of knowing the OS inside out; well almost... I loved the new operating system so much; it's speed and performance, easy set up which is being able to instal and uninstal applications, the ability to search for apps. using the search box by just hitting the Windows key on your keyboard etc. The interface was very intuitive and fun to use. I loved the OS so much that after good consideration of money well spent on the license of the OS I decided to buy a Microsoft Office license. I was all set for my computing needs with a 500GB HDD hard disk; that stored all my f

What's love got to do with it?

One of the words that baffles me into thinking what it actually means is love. I have searched for the meaning; online; and I have this for you: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. Here is what is in my head: Love is not exclusive; it's an emotion; it's unreal in the physical state. I mean you can like someone or something but love? Every relationship is based out of needs. Before you go all out into an argument with me, give me a chance to clarify or prove it to you. 

Term Insurance Denied basis Disability!

In order to secure the future of my family in event of my death; I decided that it is time I buy a term insurance policy. I am already late in the game of buying a term insurance policy; i.e. should have started at the age of 25 years.  I got in-touch with an associate from a reputed insurance company to help me understand the different policies available. I was up front in disclosing my disability i.e. blindness to this associate; further to which I gave her the details of my requirement and discussed all the scenarios in which the policy would be honored. I was convinced of a particular policy that met my needs. I asked the associate to revert with the break-up of the term/ coverage and premium details in an excel sheet so that it is accessible to me to discuss with my spouse.

How are the blind using computers and the internet? Part 1/2

Surprise! The person writing this post is blind; using a computer and the internet. I know, most of you already know that; I still wanted to take a chance on the surprise part. Majority of persons who use a computer are on a Windows operating system; a handful that use a MAC. My post today is to give you an insight on the assistive technologies built with Windows and for Windows operating system. I am saying that again; assistive technology built with Windows and for Windows. That's right! Windows comes with it's own assistive technologies; where as other companies invested much more in building specific assistive technologies to address the challenges of persons with a print disability/ blindness and visual impairment on Windows.

IOS accessibility; what is VoiceOver?

IOS offers many assistive technologies; that is what makes apple products so special to me. Yes, they are expensive to afford but for someone who extensively relies on assistive technology like a screen reader due to my print disability; one cannot compromise. If you have an IOS device; you can get to the accessibility settings by the following method: Settings/ accessibility