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Windows 10, Power and Sleep Settings - a mystery solved!

There is a war on the internet, a war trying to demystify the Power and Sleep Settings of Windows 10. Is it good to put your computer to sleep, hibernate or shut it down completely. This war started in my head too after upgrading to a SSD on which my operating system is installed. To make things even more complicated there is also a setting called Hybrid Sleep. Let's break this mystery today through this post where I will tell you what each setting is and what I finally ended up doing with my power and sleep settings on my Windows 10 Desktop computer.

Pride month, rainbows and Heterosexuality

Before reading this post a few things you should understand; and I say this for your own mental well being and to avoid any nasty protests on the post in the comment section. 1. GOD; not your or mine; all of them hate gay people. This is one thing God's of all religions unanimously agree on hating 2. I am a heterosexual male; don't hate or love gay people. I like to live and let live. I don't care if you are gay; we can have a beer anytime. If you are lesbian I would like more than a beer - sorry all men have this fantasy 3. A question I feel should not be asked in administrative forms, or should it? 4. Included in the post bonus content educative video for the ignorant

IKIGAI - reason for being!

These Japanese are really weird, they have so many cultural and behavioral practices in their society. I read about IKIGAI on a cultural blog post that someone wrote for self realization and improvement. A trending topic of discussion amongst the higher circles who can afford to fart about anything under the sun. I kid you not this is a serious philosophy and if you take it lightly, you can be struck with a mid life crisis, somewhere around my age. However, as life would have it's own course in time, you will learn about these concepts in the strangest of times and ways. Like I learned it when I was searching for Japanese porn; can you believe it that there is no Japanese porn on the internet?

Google saved my 456 contacts!

My home PC crashed and I had to set it up all over again, which included setting up my office applications. I am an avid user of Outlook services for my mail. I have set up a IMAP account on Outlook for my Gmail. I won't get into the technical details about how I did that because this post is not about how to set up your Gmail account on Outlook. This post is about how I managed to delete all my contacts from my Google account; contacts that were in sync with my phone and Outlook address book!

The Pink Elephant; is it in the room again?

They say don't think of the Pink Elephant in the room; and bang as soon as they said it, you think about it! It's right there for you to see and think about, sounds familiar? Do you have children? What has happened when you told them not to do something? Out of all the bizarre topics to write about this week, I chose this one as it's an interesting find in my mind and a good subject of debate. Besides I read something about it before I decided to go out into this venture of publishing this post. Read on, you will be enlightened about The Pink Elephant, I promise, your money back guaranteed! P.S. Stop being that bitch wanting the money back, these posts are published for free and for your entertainment; as if you would pay me a dollar for each post!

Some amazing things to do with your iPhone

You might think you know everything about using your smart phone; by which I mean your iPhone but hey, I discover something new to do with it as I use the device. In this post I am going to share with you some tips OR tricks which you may OR may not already know. I have curated this list from memory and a lot of it from doing some research on the internet; in lay man's terms Googling for it. Read on if this excites you; my apologies to android users as I don't have anything for you here to read.

Tooth surgery the basics of rotting teeth

Brush twice a day, use a mouthwash and expect tooth decay for missing out on the schedule over a period of time. Adding to the missing schedule, smoking like a chimney, sleeping like a drunk monk  and not avoiding sweet treats before bed you get the best of tooth decay -  Confucius says. If you are wondering  to much about what is behind the title and the thought; I got you to get here to read it - mission accomplished!