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The Origin of Thoughts: Are Any Truly Original?

Have you ever stopped to ponder where your thoughts come from? It's a fascinating contemplation that unveils a profound realization: every thought we have originates from somewhere. Whether from our parents, siblings, teachers, pastors, friends, the news, websites, books, the internet, or social media, our minds are constantly influenced by external sources.

Cheers to Murthy: Beyond the Peanuts: Why My Favorite Waiter Deserves More (But I Don't Want Him to Leave)

The Hospital isn't a place for the faint of heart (or stomach). Its peeling paint and mismatched furniture wouldn't win any design awards. But for those of us seeking an antidote to the daily grind, it's a sanctuary. The air hangs heavy with the scent of cigarette smoke, drunk conversations, occasional  bar fights and the familiarity of sounds of rhythmic clinking of glasses and the occasional burst of laughter. Here, worries fade with each gulp of your drink, anxieties unravel like tangled string. And a big part of the Hospital's therapeutic effect? Murthy.