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Lost at Sea; Product Improvement ideas that don't make the board

Yesterday; I played a prank on one of the customer service numbers of a reputed Food Delivery application in India.

The prank had a serious message which the customer support executive failed to understand and get. It was actually driving them a product improvement idea.

The scenario being I am a one handed person and find it difficult to type in the chat window of the application everytime I needed help with an order I placed. Since there is no support number to their team; each time one has to connect to them via chat; discounting all their customers have their limbs and senses in place to be able to chat with them. Please don't forget the time invested in contacting them about a delivery issue.

Moving on, the product improvement idea was; I had a new delivery address to send a Chocolate Cake to; it was for a friend on their birthday. I wanted to surprise them. In the application I could add the address but not put in the contact number of the person for whom the delivery is. What this does is that when making the delivery the delivery executive would call me in the event that he is not able to find the address instead of calling the person to whom the delivery is to be delivered. As per the support executive, one must first place the order, then chat with customer service and share the number of the person who is collecting the delivery over chat, which will then be sent to the delivery partner

Hence creating a very tiresome experience for the person placing the order for someone else. For me the customer experience was not at all delightful and I would sure not recommend such a service to my circle of friends. So many ideas for product improvement are missed by companies, for reasons like not having a number, mailing address etc. to express them.

On a side note you should really appreciate Microsoft for their customer voice portal; where you can share product improvement ideas. I know what you are saying, not all companies have that kind of infrastructure or funding to be able to implement such support systems. In such a case can't you just have a mail address to which your customers can write to which is accessible?

Amazon is example of this: Good Customer Service = Trust, Brand Loyalty, scope for product improvement and overall a good satisfaction level with the product/ service provided.

Please share your experiences on this subject in the comments below. I am hoping to know more about the suggestions you as a customer have given tech businesses and what did they make of it?