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One day at a time…

“Welcome to your life; there’s no turning back” ~ Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears; Songs from the Big Chair; March 15, 1985

I took the plunge; didn’t consider the question if I could swim. Now I am free falling into the oblivion and may be it was meant to be for every one of us. We are born to be surprised by the many unexpected dealings of life; most of which we have no choice or control over.

So what do you do? Make the best of what you have, strive to bridge the gap between what you do and don’t. Your struggle is to meet more than your needs; your wants are driven by your desire, greed, envy, jealousy. Most of your pain comes from not being able to get what you want. The subject for this post is really deep; I know that you will have your say in the comments after reading this. Please don’t shy; would like to hear your side of the story to the questions:

How much is enough? What do you mean by happiness? Can you ever be content with what you have?


  1. I, Amanda Gene, really struggle with this. I've been battling with depression for a long time. During one of my therapy sessions, my former therapist told me, "Get out of VR, get a job, and take care of your PMDD. Then you will be happy." I've gotten out of VR-still lost with what I want to do with a career. I took care of my PMDD with Medication, and I even gotten married. I'm still not happy. I feel that VR drilled into me that the only way to happiness is to make 30k a year. I still am pushing for that goal-but it's their goal not mine. So what is mine? I don't know at this point. Like you said, all we can do is take it a day at a time.

    1. I know what you mean, I know how you feel. Sometimes you lose your patience and although you put in your best effort things don’t fall in place like the way you want them to. we humans have a gift called hope, and I believe that we need to hold on to it. Keep the faith, more power to you!👍🏻


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