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When down, impress yourself!

Yes, everyone has those days when you feel down and insignificant. How do you overcome this time? How do you deal with such a feeling and emotion?

Some I know have taken up drinking as a solution, some drugs and some went to extremes and tried ending their life. I wouldn't judge their decision but to me, it's wrong a total NO, NO to indulge in anything toxic to bring you back to feeling good about things and ending your life, come on seriously get help!

So the question is still open, how do you deal with such days and emotions?

You start by directing your mind to think about all the positive things in your life. You boost your ego by reminding yourself about all your achievements in the past. You recollect the worse day you had and how you got through it. you call up a friend and ask them out for a coffee or a meal, celebrate your friendship with them. You go out and do a deed that makes you feel good it can be anything, really anything as simple as help someone cross the road, help someone carry their bags, give out some money to a needy person etc. These are really simple things to do but really difficult if you don't start by directing your mind in this direction of thinking positively.

For me, a burger at my favourite place, some classic rock songs from my college years, a few friends, a couple of beers and pop corn gets me feeling good about myself again.

Remember you can't change the world, but you can change yourself and the way you think and that is real power to yourself. Please share your tips in the comments on more ways of getting over such days...

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  1. For me, it is helping someone else out. I also talk about how I feel with my therapist. That helps me get back on my feet.


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