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Basic accessibility barriers on webpages that frustrate me!

I am a visually impaired person, simply put I am blind and cannot see. Thanks to the recent development of technology and the power of computers, I am able to use a computer and access information on the internet with help of an assistive technology called a screen reader

Anyhow, moving on, this amazing assistive technology fails to work it's full potential if web developers ignore WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 

while developing their applications OR web pages.

I am a realistic person so I don't expect 100% compliance of WCAG but missing out on the basics is really frustrating for a computer user like me. So today I am sharing with you "Basic accessibility barriers on webpages that frustrate me"

BTW: A blind person navigates webpages/ applications using the keyboard and not the "mouse"

1. Unlabelled: buttons, graphics, images, edit fields

2. Mouse over elements that encourage hovering the mouse pointer to accomplish task/ select options

3. Alert, Error Messages/ Dialogue boxes that aren't readable by a screen reader OR are represented by a color. Like fields marked in red are manditory OR please correct the values marked in red

4. Pages that keep refreshing/ absolute pain when you are trying to read an article for research purposes because it keeps pushing the focus of your screen reader to a different place on the page

5. Calendars that either appear on hover movement of the mouse pointer OR Don't allow edit input and don't have a clear format as hint e.g: DD/MM/YYYY OR DD-MM-YYYY

6. Color representation for any action to be taken/ performed e.g: Click the red button to proceed

7. Interactive Flash content; this kind of content is totally not accessible by a screen reader user e.g: Training material/ online assessments etc.

8. List boxes unless made accessible are an absolute pain to use

9. No regions on the webpage; makes it really tiring to navigate the page e.g: Search, Navigation, Main and Complementary regions

10. Drop down menu's/ Combo boxes that can't be activated using the keyboard

That's my list of frustrations on webpages/ applications that miss out on basic compliance to WCAG while developing them. Thank you for reading!

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