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The Ugly side of being blind

Today I bring you the Ugly side of being blind. For no reason but to help you understand what happens to me in different

situations of my daily life living with blindness.

1. Falling in love is just so hard on the knees!: Title is a famous song from the rock band Aerosmith. I relate to it different. Once a hunk and very popular

with the ladies, today I wear dark glasses and hold a white cane in one hand. A crossover image of Snoop Dog and Al Pacino from the movie Scent of a woman.

Who in the right mind would fall in love with this character?

2. I can't drive!: Yup, just can't do it! Means I get to pay loads of money to get somewhere using all sorts of public transport. Sometimes I have to beg

friends and relatives to help me get to my harmonica class and places of interest.

3. There is no free lunch! Well I never know when there is a sale happening, when there is a discount in a store or where the beans are kept. Simply because

everything on offer is either on display or in a flyer in the daily.

4. You are furniture, Literally! When you are with someone, a question that is supposed to be directed to you is directed to the person with you. So you

get to hear stuff like: Would he want to eat something? Would he like some water? Like I don't exist.

5. People love to communicate in sign language while being around a blind person.

6. My favourite: Where is it? Oh, it's there or Oh, it's here. Here and there I am sure you are pointing at some direction to where it is but I don't get

the point!

7. Everybody knows some hospital or doctor that can treat my eye condition. Brilliant! This opens up a whole world of new opportunities for me to visit

highly qualified doctors and make use of my health insurance.

8. I am the object of everyones pity, sympathy, empathy, inspiration and thank God that's not me! Honestly sometimes I enjoy the empathy part of it.

9. People are hesitant to use the phrase "See you later" around me. They sometimes don't even use the phrase "Let's catch up".

10. People you know and are well acquainted with will sometimes just walk by you and pretend to have not seen you. I don't mind because I return the favor.

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  1. Even though, I am not totally blind I can relate to this. Especially not being able to drive and being sit on. It really can be embarrassing at times.

  2. Some hard hitting and basic stuff to reflect on. Thanks for sharing 👍

  3. That was me above, posted the comment, did not notice it went in as anonymous, cheers


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