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Amazon India, Your Accessibility & UX Need Urgent Attention Across All Products!

As a long-time Prime subscriber (since the early days after eBay's exit), I'm deeply concerned about the persistent accessibility and user experience issues on your website and iOS apps (Prime Video, Music, Shopping) for the India region. These create significant barriers for customers with disabilities and frustrate all users.

Specific Accessibility Failures in Prime Video:

• Prime Video Watchlist: The "Add to Watchlist" button doesn't change state after adding a title, leaving users unsure if the action was successful.

• Language Selection: When changing language while a video plays, VoiceOver announces it as "audio" instead of the specific language, making selection difficult.

• Missing Content Descriptions: Navigating through sections like "Latest Releases" and "Continue Watching" on the home screen using VoiceOver doesn't announce the listed content, rendering the information inaccessible.

When providing feedback for Customer Service on the website:
• Unclear Feedback: Forms, like customer service ratings, which previously used accessible radio buttons, now utilize buttons that lack state announcement, making it impossible to confirm selections.

I urge Amazon India to:

• Conduct thorough accessibility audits: Identify and fix WCAG compliance issues across all products and platforms for the India region.

• Prioritize inclusive design: Invest in creating intuitive and accessible user experiences for everyone in India, including users with disabilities.

• Enhance feedback systems: Ensure forms and elements provide clear and consistent feedback on all platforms, especially for screen reader users.

Addressing these issues isn't just about compliance with upcoming legislative mandates like the RPWD Act of 2016; it's a matter of creating an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all your customers, including loyal supporters like myself.

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  1. That stinks when things are accessible! I hope they fix it soon.


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