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New subscribers, no content to be published and a very disappointing role change at work

I  would like to welcome my new subscribers to the Blog. THE SOMEBODY, NOBODY, ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY BLOG!, was started with great enthusiasm to give my readers a sense of my sarcasm and humor in my everyday life. However, as time went by, the content I wish to publish doesn't even meet my expectations, let alone that of my readers. I have many excuses for this but for now let me just be honest and say; 2023 has been a roller coaster ride and everyday brings new challenges to my plate.

Don't be disappointed, there is plenty of content you can still explore on the Blog and I am going to give you some starter tips on how to get started on reading the content, I will also express how difficult it has been for me to pull that rabbit out of that hat and write new content.

If you are new to THE SOMEBODY, NOBODY, ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY BLOG!, I suggest you start by reading what has already been published under the INTRO; which is a navigation link on the Blog site. This section of the Blog documents my journey, the trials and the challenges when introduced to my disability.

If you are in the mood of getting a laugh from my experiences as a person with a sight impairment, you should visit the Blind-Bloopers section of the Blog; seriously rib tickling stuff to read.

If you are a tech enthusiast, or not much of one; you can visit the TECHNOLOGY section of the blog, where I write my mind about Technology, not in the conventional way.

Last but least the NOTEBOOK section is a scribble pad for my thoughts, so you will find a variety of content that I have written about with no sense of focus and genre.

I honestly hope you like what you read, if you did, I would appreciate a comment on any of the posts, this will validate that someone really appreciates my writing; you could also be kind to visit the banner links for amazon and buy yourself something from there and that would earn me a commission at no extra cost to you; so far I made $0 which is better than nothing at all!

About 2023, a whole year drained me in moving house, getting rid of fond memories of the old house where I spent so much time growing up. Seriously, you grow up and learning and unlearning is a process which is a part of growing up, the other part is moving on; I did that when in college, most of the relationships I had with the opposite gender, I moved on from. Then there was the huge task of setting up the new place, getting oriented to the facility and working out my finances on what and how much should I spend to make the place livable. In my opinion, I spent a lot of money in getting the essentials in place and also adding on to the expense was filling up the empty spaces in the house with stuff I don't need but I will buy anyway since I have the money and it's never going to run out!

I don't like anything about the new place in particular, it's just a place that I can eat, shit, shower, shave, sleep and keep my stuff in. Where as the old place there are many memories that I can't remember as of now, I told you, I grew up and moved on. I have no social life here, I feel trapped, everything is out of reach, including an apple authorized service store. I am dating my gadgets and they bring me a lot of entertainment and fun; disrupted by life and it's responsibilities.

The new place is also an expensive place to be in for me for a person earning a 2 digit salary; I have newly introduced expenses which are but not limited to: Society Maintenance; this pays for all the fringe benefits I am offered by staying here and the burden of paying the Milk Man, the House Keeper, Tuition fee, Transport Fee for the child I decided to give life to. On the bright side this society has a club house, pool, tennis and badminton court, even a cricket pitch. All of which I am enjoying in a parallel universe; not!

At work I was rotting for 10 years in a dead end job with no growth in terms of compensation, responsibility or learning. Learning, there was a plenty of opportunity, it's like filling up a book shelf with books that will never be read and will gather dust from time. I mean what is the use of all this learning when you aren't going to use it all the way to a high paying job? Also with respect to the compensation, most employers believe that their employees can live without money, the air conditioning, coffee vending machine that churns out a hot cuppa of horse shit flavored coffee and good seating should be enough for one to live a fulfilling and dignified life. Paid vacations are not included but we do get a penny for travel allowance, that is spent in commuting to the work place or how they called it before the pandemic, office.

Finally a role change happened, new job responsibilities and new hopes. Same 2 digit salary and no idea on what the future is here in this job. I must meet that fat woman who can tell your future by looking at the mug after you have downed the horse shit tasting coffee; something to do with how much horse shit is left over in the mug...

While writing this post, my thoughts were interrupted 1 less the times of a zillion; had to have breakfast in a jiffy before the RAM in my brain clears out all the cache and cookies. So here I go again, apologizing to my readers for doing a half ass job on my writing habbits and not giving them their dollars worth; by the way where is that dollar?

Sometimes I am done with the day and the only way to unwind is watch something on YouTUbe, Prime Video OR NetFlix; this experience is often shadowed by the OST of my wife yacking away some gibberish about the sky falling down and other trivia to which I have only one answer; aha, yes, I a gree; sometimes all 3 at once.

How you doing?

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  1. 2 digit salary? you must be joking. I can't imagine a family surviving in less than 100Rs!

    1. Yes that is exactly what I told my employer, I cannot survive on this 2 digit salary, but they did not do anything about it! As per the readers to my Blog, I really need to take the time out to check the statistics on how many readers are actually reading the junk I write

  2. It's always good to grow your audience. It take time.

    1. Sorry but it's my age, I am getting really old and have no patience. I can say I waited all my life to get rich but it still hasn't happened. When you get rich there are a lot of benefits, you get false friends that would go that extra mile for you and you can afford slaves


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