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Blind-Bloopers: Drunk leading the blind; or was it the other way around?

It was one of those evenings OR nights when the air was blowing cold and I needed to get home on my own after I have been dropped off at my stop by the company shuttle.

The task at hand was no less than a James Bond movie, without the pretty girls. It had to do with crossing a heavily trafficated 2 lane main road, after jostling through the street vendors who occupied not only the pavement/ sidewalk for my American readers. That’s when it dawned on me that I am not on planet Earth but Krypton where I am stripped of all my super powers of flight and strength. I had to ask help to cross this road! Before I knew it and gathered the courage of asking help I had someone grab my arm and offer to help.

This God sent angel to my help spoke the local language which I know very little of, to make things extremely challenging he didn’t exactly talk but muttered asking me where I wanted to go. I told him that I needed help in crossing the road and if he left me at the otherside I would be fine and would find my way home. I gave him a quick guide on how to guide me as a blind person and we crossed OK, at least I wasn’t missing any body parts. After which this angel insisted on helping me get where I wanted to, so I gave him that opportunity by giving him directions on where to go. I remember telling him exactly “Go to the dead end of the road and take a left, you should see a bakery/ condiments shop. I need to go there”

We reached the end of the road and he surprised me by saying that there was no left there at the end of the road. I was simply lost for now, how could there be no left? I have been living in this part of town for more than 30 years, there had to be a left at the end of the road! The possibilities are that I would have pointed him to the wrong lane and he would have obliged. I asked him to check if anyone was around to ask for where the bakery was and then God decided to take that angel away; there was no response, the guy just kind of disappeared. I was left alone in the middle of nowhere in my head and I started to ponder what to do next/ a panic attack would have done more drama to this blog. I tapped around and tried getting somewhere the wind and the noise of the traffic guiding me I was attempting to get to a place where there was some life mainly human who could guide me out of this lost state.

Then all of a sudden/ it’s always all of a sudden when you can’t see at all I had someone else grab my arm and ask me where I wanted to go. I told him the same thing “I need to get to a bakery that is somewhere around here with the name XXX” and I also told him about the God sent angel. Now here was the funny part; I was told by this person that the chap who was guiding me is lying on the floor, he’s totally drunk! Can you imagine that? I think the angel needed more help than I did so I asked this new person to take him to a safe place but this chap dismissed the idea by saying “He will get where he has to go, I will take you where you want to be!

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