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Blind-Bloopers: That's me, getting lost!

Women "LOVE" to shop. Now in malls! I am so not like your mall shopper, I'd rather get my feet dirty in crowds of street shoppers for a better deal on price and choice. My bitter half is the mall junkie and I ain't a bit proud of that skill, imagine putting that on your resume: Loves to shop at malls even while sleeping. It's all this branding that is brain washing today's kids, youth, women and the so called "Metro Sexual Man"

The popular mall around my hood is called "Forum", the one on Hosur Road; Bangalore. It's a huge carnival on sale day and we happened to be there at the right time with the not so right expectations of saving any money. Trust me, it's a jungle of shoppers on a sale day. This is when most of the malls expect great "Footfall" for those of you who are not fimiliar with this jargon, it simply means the right crowd for the $$$ (Kaching!)

What are we shopping for is not important but the windows looked very clean and inviting. We walked into this shop that had clothes that caught the wifes's eye with desire, once upon a time it was me who could do that kind of thing. I decided to be the good husband and gave her some space by sitting down in a corner while she trotted around for a few clothes. I engaged myself to some podcast madness on technology on my trusty iPhone, I couldn't get much of the listening done because of the not so ambient music the store chaps had playing. Tick Tok and the time went by I don't know how long I have been waiting for my wife to return, I figured I might as well wait some more because these kind of things: Shopping, Showering, Dressing etc. took like forever for women to do. Save the sandals ladies, my next business venture might be opening a showroom of sandals that were thrown at me for writing stuff like this.

1 hour and 30 minutes approximately passed in the waiting and I got so worried that I used my smart phone to do the smartest thing it was meant to do: Call! There you have it, she wasn't in the shop I was waiting in but some other shop in the mall. To add pepper to the hot sauce she forgot which shop she left me at!

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