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Blind-Bloopers: That’s me in the kitchen

It was a fine bright Sunday when my bitter half was snoring till the cows came home. I tried to nudge her for breakfast but she refused to adhere to the protocol of making me breakfast on demand. So the brave me got off my bed and headed to the kitchen remembering there is a pack of noodles in the top left shelve next to the fridge in the dining room. I took up the challenge of making breakfast myself that day, some of you women must feel really proud of me already. Wait let me not get your hopes flying like a kite that has lost it’s thread.

How difficult could this be? I said to myself. I have made really good tasting noodles in the past, but this time I am going to do it without sight. A little challenge to the whole adventure that was going to unfold. For the convenience of the reader I shall share ten easy to do steps to make noodles as I saw them in my head below:

1. Find noodles on the shelf next to the fridge

2. Open noodle packet and put in cooking utensil

3. Get water measured in glass and put in the utensil with the noodles in it

4. Put utensil with noodles and water on the stove without igniting it yet

5. Find a table spoon to stir the noodles so that they cook even, find scissor and keep handy to cut the satchet of mix provided with the noodles

6. Ignite the stove and wait for a few seconds before stirring, the noodles should have softened by then

7. Use the handy scissor to cut open the mix satchet and drop in the utensil of the cooking noodles

8. Stir and keep stirring till you feel that the water in the utensil has dried out

9. Close stove and remove utensil to find a plate to put the cooked noodles on

10. Find a fork a comfortable dining chair and enjoy freshly cooked noodles for breakfast

Here is what happened:

1. Couldn’t find noodle packet on the shelf next to the fridge

2. Simply broke my heart and I gave up! Don’t get disheartened. I did have breakfast and I did it all by myself without any other human intervention. Obviously I lied, the bakery guy down my street gave me a potato bun and a hot cup of tea. Mission accomplished!

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