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Lock-Down Tales: The Inside Story

Hope you caught the pun in the title of this blog; for those who didn’t the word Inside is at play. As we sit here; at home with our whatever kind of WFH set up, I would like to bring to you my experience of WFH and how I am trying to do my best in challenging myself in such a situation through this note.


I would like to start with my WFH set up; it’s not state of the art but a desktop with my upgraded Windows 10 OS, has got me struggling a bit. I have been a user of Windows since 97 and relaxed upgrading after Windows 7. Windows 7 was my favorite OS from Microsoft. However, life goes on and there must be upgrades and all upgrades to Windows 7 are no longer supported post January 14, 2020. All I have to say to this is “Happy New Year!” Moving on; being print disabled (blind) I had to get used to the new interface; surprisingly didn’t take me long; it was a familiar interface, with the Windows Key being my go to button. My assistive technology NVDA supports this OS completely; I had to upgrade. I am upset about a few features; unable to uninstal the bloat ware that Microsoft thinks is essential to all users; but not the cut the chase kind of users; Microsoft Store, Xbox Console and other stuff I can’t recall right now.


Activities outside WFH; started indulging in making some fun videos with my 3 year old daughter and uploading them on YouTUbe. She is not camera shy and puts up a great act when we are filming. You can check out the PlayList of her videos here:

Please like and comment if you enjoyed them.


I also picked up an old hobby; playing the harmonica. I started on this journey of learning this musical instrument almost 6 years back. Haven’t perfected it due to lack of practice and of learning resources for someone with a print disability. I am also good at making excuses; learned it from my peer group. The tunes I am playing since I got indulged are: Happy Birthday Song, Nursery Rhymes like: Twinkle twinkle little star, Are you sleeping brother John?, Mary had a little lamb, London bridges falling down. Older recordings can be heard here:


Apart from all those; I started binge watching movies and some series on my amazon prime subscription; usually end up late night catching up on the content. It really keeps me entertained; I ended up with the prime subscription because according to me it’s value for money, actually a steal! I get prime music, video and shopping benefits like fast delivery and early bird launch offers. Yes, I know you guys are saying, NetFlix has better content, well you may be right and I am happy that you feel so. For those who want to binge watch; here are my recommendations on amazon prime (INDIA):

Series Hindi:


Four More shots Please

Mind the Malhotras

Series English:

God Friended Me

The Vampire Diaries


Two and a Half Men

Movies I have many to list; and I can’t remember most of them; what do you know I have short term memory for such!


I hope you enjoyed reading my short; inside story. Please do share your experiences in the comments. Until the next time; stay indoors and stay safe. Let’s fight this pandemic together and support those who need our support.

PS: I am not supporting any Local, National Charities for the pandemic relief efforts; I have instead chosen to support my local network and support group with daily essentials and supplies. This network includes but is not limited to: My HouseKeeper, our neighborhood watchman, our garbage collector and the workers who have been stranded at a construction site next door. This message was to help inspire and motivate my readers to indulge in as much giving during this time; to those who really need your support. Needless to say, my HouseKeeper is working from home