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 Recently I have been having deliberations with friends on how challenging life is in today's times. It's getting tougher and extremely stressful to live

in the city. You have constant thoughts of your earnings, your job, your relationship etc. Sometimes the future looks indistinguishable. 

so these kind of deliberations got me pondering and the thought of Dead and LIGHT WEIGHT dawned on to me. before you think that this post is anything to

do with the gym, let me explain what I mean with Dead & LIGHT WEIGHT. And in the course of explaining to you about these WEIGHTS I hope you will find out

why I felt it was for me to share this with you.


Everything that causes you stress is Dead WEIGHT. This Dead WEIGHT is heavy and drags with you slowing you down every opportunity it gets. Dead WEIGHT

is a burden, so the more you carry it with you the higher the chances you will slow down, think negatively, respond to situations in a cynical manner.

Dead WEIGHT works with you on a psychological level. It will work it's way in your performance, your relationship, your health etc. Don't think Dead WEIGHT

is something that can be suppressed effortlessly. People work with this Dead WEIGHT in different ways to name a few: drugs, alcohol, therapy, isolation

etc. Dead WEIGHT is bad, very bad for you!

So what you ask? Is there anything you the reader of this post don't know about Dead WEIGHT? Actually you know everything about it that needs to be known.

Besides the point, I am going to elaborate on Dead WEIGHT like you have never heard, read or thought about it ever before.

Dead WEIGHT starts to get heavy with the passing of time. It starts to collect with every instance of a rejection, failure or disapproval. Dead WEIGHT

multiplies when you are alone. It will drain you of energy and keep you from being in the present moment. The more you give in to Dead WEIGHT your negative

thoughts will be encouraged, and the heavier and stronger it will become. Common symttoms of Dead WEIGHT building up are constant nagging, depression,

mood swings, inability to see anything positive in life etc. There is a great factor of fear related with this kind of WEIGHT, fear of failure, fear of

rejection, fear of not living up to expectations etc. all leading to becoming the victim of pessimism. Change in behavior is also indicated, you will find

yourself distant from social groups and cling to being a lonely soul, in other words an introvert by nature. Dead WEIGHT can cause you to think extremes

like the world is not made for you, you are inferior than the others – can also be termed as lack of confidence, your presence does not matter to anyone.

It can also lead you to taking extremely dreadful steps in life including “addiction” & “suicide”

So now that we know so much about Dead WEIGHT, what should you do? Simple - drop it, bury it, get it out of your system and travel light! Think of life

as a journey, if you are going for a vacation would you carry your house with you? I say no! Unless you have those things called the RV’s (Recreational

Vehicles) as your home. I think you get the point despite the bad humor. I see no point in carrying Dead WEIGHT and nor should you. Somethings are in your

control and somethings are not. The things you are not in control of, should be the last things to add to your Dead WEIGHT list. OR why add them at all?

What about those things that you are in control of? I think that is the easy part of it all, they don’t even come close to your Dead WEIGHT so carry on

with what you are doing there.

So much talk about Dead WEIGHTS that I forgot all about the LIGHT WEIGHTS and that is how it is with all of us, we talk, think constantly only about Dead

WEIGHTS forgetting the LIGHT WEIGHTS in our life.  


What is a LIGHT WEIGHT? The complete opposite of a Dead WEIGHT. It includes positive thinking, focusing on your strengths and cherishing your surroundings

and relationships for what they are. Appreciating every morning as a gift to make a difference around you. Being able to greet people good mornings, afternoons

and evenings. When the day is over and you are on the bed with your head in a pillow having someone to say good night to. Having a roof to shelter you,

having clothes to cover you, having food on your table, having water in your tap, having a television to entertain you. I can go on and on and on with

the list. 

The list to the LIGHT WEIGHT is pretty long but always overshadowed by the Dead WEIGHT list. The LIGHT WEIGHTS are so very light that they are taken for

granted and often neglected and least payed attention to. Nobody wants to carry this weight with them because they are already carrying a really heavy

weight called the Dead WEIGHT. Think of LIGHT WEIGHT as a feather blowing in the wind it gets carried to places that are alien to it but finally settles

in a place it least expects to. Same way with life, there are so many questions that are unanswered, some better left unanswered and time will help settle

all of them.

I am going to abruptly end this blog leaving you with the thought: Which WEIGHT do you wish to carry in your life? remember you have a choice!