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16 with a 4!

Another year has passed me by on this planet; not sure where I am headed so far but the challenges keep coming and so do the insults.


I would like to talk to you more about the insults but I like others don’t like doing my laundry in public. So only so much is said: thanks to the insults; I have been self- doubting and questioning my existence; like is this the reason I was born for OR is there a bigger purpose?

I believe in gratitude. I also have many reasons to have a gratitude attitude. However, it’s some times in life when I am mentally disturbed and my emotions are challenged. For many years I have being trying to hold myself back with my temper; but no matter how hard I try some people can bring the best of me!

There is a Bryan Adams song in that last paragraph; see if you can spot it!


Moving on; yesterday I tried Twitter spaces for the first time and I must tell you it was really exciting. One of the topics that was live: Can money buy happiness? I joined in as a listener and shortly requested to speak; very accessible interface to my screen reader which is VoiceOver on my IOS device. There were 90 listeners and I didn’t think I would have a shot at speaking. From what I understood the host would prompt a speaker to speak and their mike would be unmuted as you join as a listener your mike is on mute and you don’t have the control to unmute.


I am not going to get into the details of the conversation otherwise this post would become a book. I was unmuted to speak but not prompted by the host to speak so I left my mike on mute and very soon had to drop off the space.

I just needed a so-called private space to talk today; so, I chose to write here. Unfortunately, there can be no exchange of dialogue since the comment’s widget is not showing up on my posts. The title says many things but to help you with your imagination a bit; I am 46 years old on this planet!


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