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Are you the "Cannot be able to do OR Can be able to do"​ kind of person?"

In 2011; when I discovered from my eye doctor that the rest of my life will be painted black and my favorite and only color would be black; I was left

speechless and clueless on what to expect next. I worked up the courage to discover the new me. Thanks to the quick help from a far away aunt and a younger

cousin; I was directed to rehabilitation for the blind. I had my reservations but was open to experiments; like trying anything new without calculating

the risks.

Throughout my rehabilitation; I was encouraged by my trainers on how good I was able to adapt to the new me. How I was making good progress on my mobility

and orientation training. How I was confident about myself in accomplishing the tasks that were asked of me.

I got out from rehabilitation a confident person who was ready to challenge the world with only a cane. Soon I was directed to computer training with the

help of assistive technology at a NGO 2 blocks away from my home. I had to learn on how to use this assistive technology to help me use the computer effectively,

like anybody else who could see. It didn't take me much time to master that skill since I was already exposed to computers and I just needed to learn the

commands to operate the assistive technology; which is called a screen reader.

I got a lot of positive support from friends and family. They contributed to my learning and assisted me in learning the areas around my house so that

I could independently go to the store and get my daily supplies like eggs, milk and bread. My neighbors were all surprised to meet the new me and felt

proud every time I walked passed them, they also ran out to help at times assuming that I needed the help. There was so much positive and encouraging energy

around me and I got all my strength and confidence from it.

Why am I sharing this story with you? I believe there is a greater learning in every experience that life has to offer and since all of us have varied

experiences in life, each one can learn from our experiences so that we are able to apply our learning at our time of need. My learning from this entire

experience was that I had to keep a positive attitude i.e. can do attitude for me to be able to achieve the little achievements that an everyday person

takes for granted. If we try, no matter how difficult the circumstances and keep the right attitude, we can and we will succeed in achieving what we set

out to achieve. Yes, the right support is required too, if you are told by people what you are able and not able to do, stay away from such toxic people,

they will only discourage you with their ignorance. Only you can be the judge of what you are able or not able to do. Like the saying goes: "If you say

you can, you are right. If you say you can't, you are right"

So go out there today and ask yourself this question: Are you the "Cannot be able to do OR Can be able to do" kind of person?"