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Only the brave

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” -Muhammad Ali

Adversity is inevitable, but difficulties or misfortunes don't have to keep you from achieving your intended goals and finding the happiness you seek in life.

Every challenge we successfully conquer serves to strengthen not only our will, but our confidence, and therefore our ability to confront future obstacles.

It's how you overcome these adversities that makes all the difference!

A lot of people think I am super human; an inspiration and an extremely optimistic person. The reality is; that I am only human; a fan of these movies: Die Hard, ROCKY, Superman, Terminator and I get my  inspiration from others; I am a realistic person

Just because I have a disability, I don’t think it’s appropriate to label me as inspirational. Just because I wake up every day and am able to do the things I could have done “better and faster” if I was without one; doesn’t make me super human. Just because I prefer to see the good side of my life doesn’t make me a positive person. I used the word prefer; meaning I made a choice; that makes me realistic or realistically positive if there is such a thing!


Thoughts going out to Stella Young who took the special out of my disability at her TED talk called Inspirational porn

Watch her talk here


  1. I really like this post. I have to get back to writing and YouTube despite my challenges.

    1. Thank you Amanda; I just believe that our everyday normal is being challenged with the physical limitations we have been gifted with


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