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What's love got to do with it?

One of the words that baffles me into thinking what it actually means is love. I have searched for the meaning; online; and I have this for you: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. Here is what is in my head: Love is not exclusive; it's an emotion; it's unreal in the physical state. I mean you can like someone or something but love? Every relationship is based out of needs. Before you go all out into an argument with me, give me a chance to clarify or prove it to you. 

The purest form of love is between a mother and a child; so you would like to think and believe. However, it's not love but caring that is predominant in this kind of relationship. Does that mean love is actually a caring emotion OR state of emotion? Let's further drill into this relationship and prove that it is not a relationship based on love but of need or obligation. You as a woman; wanted that baby The baby didn't demand OR wish to be mothered by you. So you gave birth to that baby; great going one selfish need fulfilled! Now that the baby is on this planet, and has a life it's your obligation/ responsibility to feed it; will you say that you are feeding, bathing and cleaning that baby because you love it? Ask yourself; but this time replace the baby with a dog OR a kitten.

Moving on; let's take love. Interestingly teen age love as an example? I love him/ her. really OR are you just trying to get jiggy with it? Now that again is a selfish need stemming from desire/ urges and your hormones acting as crazy as they can be in a life time.

The next form of love; loving your parents. They feed you, they provide for you and so you love them - so sweet of you. So what are they actually doing? If you haven't read between the lines yet, they are fulfilling your needs...

Your pets; interesting enough when I asked you to swap the baby with a dog OR a kitten; you must have said blah! All you got to do is reverse the role of the mother and baby with you and your pet - did the dog OR kitten want you? Even if it did, what do you think the reason is for it wanting your love, is it a need?

I can go on forever with my theories; also conclude by saying love is an emotion based on need to be cared for, wanted, fed, sheltered etc. So my dear readers; the question still remains unanswered to me. In a relationship; any kind; What's love got to do with it? Share your thoughts in the comments; which are now restricted to Google account users only

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  1. Both my Noodles and Duke helped me get through some of the hardest times
    of my life. We had a friendship and love that was so strong.

    1. absolutely, although I don't believe in unconditional love - pets give us all the comfort we need when we need it


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