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Windows 10; you are just like a woman...

When you have worked with Windows as long as I have, you would have appreciated the improvements in the operating system after each update. I remember not long ago where I felt that Windows XP was the best OS out there! Microsoft surprised me with Vista; which I did not consider upgrading to and then there was Windows 7. I decided to jump right into an upgrade and saying good bye to Windows XP after such a long relationship of knowing the OS inside out; well almost...

I loved the new operating system so much; it's speed and performance, easy set up which is being able to instal and uninstal applications, the ability to search for apps. using the search box by just hitting the Windows key on your keyboard etc. The interface was very intuitive and fun to use. I loved the OS so much that after good consideration of money well spent on the license of the OS I decided to buy a Microsoft Office license. I was all set for my computing needs with a 500GB HDD hard disk; that stored all my files/ media including a zillion songs and movies, an i3 processor with 8GB of RAM. I loved my experience with my machine and there has been no upgrade to it for almost 10 years it performs like butter. I do the regular maintenance i.e. disk clean up, defragmentation and deleting all that is in the %temp% folder. Once a year I have the hardware engineer take the CPU for a blow clean up which gets rid of all the dust and other collected junk from the environment that has settled on the components. Keeping it clean and healthy is a priority for me since all my data is more precious than gold for me.

After Windows 7 came 8 - all the tech junkies on the internet gave it a very bad review and that influenced me to stick to 7. However, Microsoft was working on the next upgrade without any clue and when it came and went or did it ever exist is still unknown to me; was there a Windows 9? sorry, too lazy to switch to Google for an answer. Any how I stuck with Windows 7 until some freaky incident prompted me to upgrade to Windows 10! Pleasantly surprised and happy that the interface of 7 and 10 are not much different but they did tweak a few things here and there; my mind is too rusty to remember what but it's almost the same experience but I guess better and faster. In this switch I did not miss my first love XP or the bitch I replaced her with i.e. 7, I guess Windows 10 offered me more bang for my buck!
So my computer is 10+ years old and is on the i3 processor with 8GB RAM and a 500GB HHD. Last month or earlier I decided to make some hardware upgrades; an SSD where the OS will sit; the old HHD where all my files are saved, last but not least a RAM upgrade to 16GB. With what I was promised I was given to believe that my computer will become super fast. Before that I should clarify, the 500GB HHD is now the secondary drive and the OS i.e. Windos 10 is installed on the SSD and is 128GB. The zillion songs and movies that I had on my HHD were no longer needed thanks to my smart phone where any song can be streamed on the go and most of the movies are now on the various OTT platforms. This phase of change all happened at the blink of the eye; I had DVD's of my favorite movies the collection was huge; same with my music 1000+ songs and if I told you that I was planning to take my audio cassette collection to the grave, you would say - what a stupid dinosaur this guy is; bonehead!

Long story short; the computer is a flying machine but takes a long time to boot. I have been fidgeting with the power settings and moving between the Fast Start Up option on and off, some say select it and the others say it slows the computer boot time. Hybernation is equally confusing and the sleep option is something I am losing in the real time trying to figure this out. I am happy with my upgrade but dissatisfied with the boot time and behaviour of my computer - doesn't shutdown, can grow a beard by the time it boots and if left idle the disks are running but when trying to wake it does not respond. I end up hard pressing the power button on the CPU to actually have it shut down and restart it and you know what that does is makes me wait.

Windows 10; you are just like a woman. I love you but can never understand you...

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  1. I have updated to windows 10 since last year. I found that using the built in magnifier works better than ZoomText.

    1. That is refreshing to know, unfortunately they did not do a great job with Narrator. I use it for basic tasks when I am in a situation


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