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Google saved my 456 contacts!

My home PC crashed and I had to set it up all over again, which included setting up my office applications. I am an avid user of Outlook services for my mail. I have set up a IMAP account on Outlook for my Gmail. I won't get into the technical details about how I did that because this post is not about how to set up your Gmail account on Outlook. This post is about how I managed to delete all my contacts from my Google account; contacts that were in sync with my phone and Outlook address book!

I use a software called: GO Contact Sync Mod this software is free and very useful if you want to sync all your Gmail/ Google Contacts to your Outlook address book. You might ask why do you want to do that? When you want to mail someone using the Outlook application, you just need to type in the first 3 letters of the contact and Outlook will auto suggest the contact you wish to mail. In order for this to happen, your Gmail/ Google contacts need to be available on Outlook. That is where this software GSM comes in handy, it helps sync your Gmail/ Google contacts to Outlook. Obvious, that all my contacts are saved with Google. Also my phone book contacts on my IOS device are from Google, I set up mail and contacts on the phone by adding my Google account to my device: Settings/mail/accounts. So the challenge started after I set up Outlook on my Windows 10 PC and installed the GSM software and started the sync process. There was a prompt which I like a genius did not pay attention to and that caused all my contacts on Gmail/ Google to be deleted!

I panicked; checked my phone and all the contacts gone. I checked my what's app. all I could see are random numbers with no contact name. I started to message everyone in the groups I was in on what app. to DM me on what app. with their name so that I could start building up my contacts/ phone book all over again. This is surely not the end of the challenge, I had many contacts that I could not recover this way. Numbers and mail id's for contacts for service, banks and others like plumbers and electricians that are not in any of the groups I have on what app. I couldn't sleep easy that night. I tried putting my mind to rest but it just wouldn't. I opened my YouTube app. and searched for: How to recover deleted contacts Google and one of the search results really put my mind at ease and contacts back to my phone book and Gmail/ Google account. I am sharing the video below, I really need to give this guy credit for making this video. However, it's really good to know that Google has your back covered for a year and more and you can recover/ restore your deleted contacts if you did something as stupidly intelligent as me. This will help you if ever, you can thank me later for teaching you something new from my stupidity!


  1. I'm glad that you were able to save your contacts. It's horrible when you don't have backups. Believe me I know...I still miss Henry the Hard drive. :(


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