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Some amazing things to do with your iPhone

You might think you know everything about using your smart phone; by which I mean your iPhone but hey, I discover something new to do with it as I use the device. In this post I am going to share with you some tips OR tricks which you may OR may not already know. I have curated this list from memory and a lot of it from doing some research on the internet; in lay man's terms Googling for it. Read on if this excites you; my apologies to android users as I don't have anything for you here to read.

The iPhone has been one of the most critical assistive tools I have used post my blindness; I appreciate everything about it except the price. However, I understand it's hardware and software engineering at it's best + brand value that set it's price as of today in the competitive market of smart phones. Unfortunately, I don't have anything great to talk about it's battery life; if you are a phone junkie like me; you will exhaust the juice of the phone in half a day. Made iconic because of it's biggest brand ambassador OR let's say no more brand ambassador i.e. Steve Jobs. Enough of the crap and marketing let's dive into getting the tips and tricks now!

*Battery Life is completely different from Battery Health; please look it up on Google

1. You can use Siri offline; not to search the internet you dud! But things like turning Wi-Fi/ Data 4/5G  ON/OFF, Calling someone, start a timer, set/ delete an alarm  and even reading your text messages

2. You can ask Siri to open apps, call contacts, dial the last caller, return missed calls, read mail, messages,  type messages, set reminders, start a timer/ Stopwatch; stopwatch doesn't work if you are offline - weird really

3. No need to touch your phone to work with it; just ask Siri to activate Voice Control and you can start speaking to your phone asking it to open apps and interact with them without touching it. You can manually activate Voice Control: Go to Settings and select Accessibility. · Select Voice Control, then select Set up

4. Ask Siri add/ divide/ multiply and whatever with numbers and it will give you results; ask the weather for today and you can plan accordingly, ask the meaning of any word, ask to open a website etc.

5. Setting up Back Tap to do things like taking a screen shot, launch a shortcut and many more things; with Back Tap a quick double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone can open Control Center, take a screenshot, trigger accessibility-specific actions, and more.Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch, and tap Back Tap. Tap Double Tap or Triple Tap and choose an action. Double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone to trigger the action you set

6. Use the Shortcut app. to automate tasks; this tip and trick is very useful if you are a geek and would like to perform actions on your phone triggered by events; example: my phone automatically goes into low power mode if battery drops below 50% and when charged to 90% alerts me with a message. I suggest you search YouTube for videos demonstrating on how to create simple automations on the app.

These were some tips and tricks that came to my mind right away when writing this post; I am sure there is a lot more out there. Which ones did you find to be a new learning? Please share in your comments and go ahead and add more tips and tricks - without Googling for them please!

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  1. I use my iPhone daily. Now I’m training my husband to use his. Lol.


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