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Tooth surgery the basics of rotting teeth

Brush twice a day, use a mouthwash and expect tooth decay for missing out on the schedule over a period of time. Adding to the missing schedule, smoking like a chimney, sleeping like a drunk monk  and not avoiding sweet treats before bed you get the best of tooth decay -  Confucius says. If you are wondering  to much about what is behind the title and the thought; I got you to get here to read it - mission accomplished!

Last week out of the many things that bother me I decided to address one head on. Decaying, broken and aching teeth. If you think this topic is yuck; warning; it gets yuckier, please abandon the read. 

The dentist I go to is well known around the locality I live for being a really popular chap. What is even more evident to his popularity is that you have a minimum wait time at his clinic of 1 hour/ 60 minutes of your life sitting and doing nothing, well you have options but the kind of person I am I like to be doing nothing in such places.

This chap is not only popular, he is mighty expensive, all dentists or anything to do with visiting a dentist are expensive. I should have had a steady affair with that dentist chick I was hanging out with in college. Fantasies, they don't last or never actually to come true. I was recommended another dentist; where the waiting time was under 30 minutes, but there was no mention of the price I would have to cough up. This really smart chap, the dentist, examined his play area i.e. my mouth and gasped with a sigh with the words "You haven't being paying attention to dental hygiene have you?” my response after understanding the word hygiene from my offline dictionary also known as the brain was not a surprise to him. Anyway, his advice was the alarming kind and went something like this: 5 extractions, one root canal and 3 bridges and this is what I heard: $$$. Since the damage was already done, I gave him the green to go ahead. The extraction stage began right away giving a day’s gap between extractions. Meanwhile, I was numb in the mouth and face, drugged with antibiotics and pain killers that wore off really fast leading me to morning with pain. Tooth extractions are fun; you should really try it. They spray and inject you with a chemical that kills all the feeling sense in your mouth, if you had a mirror you would probably look like a camels face. Then the dentist puts a plyer kind of instrument in your mouth and does the following: yank, shake, pull, break the tooth. 

1 = tooth, many = teeth; 1 = hair, many not = hairs! You can say I have hairy balls but it’s totally wrong to say it out in public and a blog post, you get the idea? I have many hairs on my balls – didn’t I say it’s going to get yuckier?

Enough said, I am still under medication OR what I like to call it – drugs. Do you have any such horrific stories about visiting a dentist? If yes, please share them in your comments, I am aching to know…

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  1. Yeah, dental care is tricky.

  2. I have had braces which caused me to have grinding teeth problems, a root Canal on a broken tooth which a broke while riding my bike when I was young, a cap over that tooth, and finally wisdom teeth surgery. So yeah, not the best experiences.


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