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OS Wars: Most Popular Operating Systems Market Share (Desktop and Mobile)

I am no subject matter expert; but I believe this subject is worth writing and thinking about. I have been using the Windows OS from the time I remember and appreciating it now after sight loss; due to a medical condition called Glaucoma; trending the Windows 10 OS on my work and home PC. However, I use an IOS smart phone - iPhone and don't have any gadgets that I personally use that have the android OS. You might wonder why, well simply put IOS has better accessibility features compared to android according to me. Everything under the sun is debatable and lets not get there by directing this post to android VS IOS; stick to the OS wars!


operating system share is difficult to obtain. There are few reliable primary sources and no agreed methodologies for its collection. Operating systems are used in numerous device types, from embedded devices without a screen through to supercomputers.

Most device types that people interact with access the web, so using web access statistics helps compare the usage share of operating systems across most device types, and also the usage share of operating systems used for the same types.

As of April 2022, Android, an operating system using the Linux kernel, is the world's most-used operating system when judged by web use. It has 43% of the global market, followed by Windows with 30%, Apple iOS with 17%, macOS with 6%, then (desktop) Linux at 0.98% also using the Linux kernel. These numbers do not include embedded devices or game consoles.

For smartphones and other pocket-sized devices, Android leads with 72% market share, and Apple's iOS has 28%.

For desktop and laptop computers, Windows is the most used at 75%, followed by Apple's macOS at 15%, and Linux-based operating systems, at 5% (i.e. "desktop Linux" at 2.48%, plus Google's Chrome OS at 2.38%, in the US up to 3.2%).

With tablets, Apple's iPadOS has 54% and Android has 46% worldwide,[4] although, in the vast majority of countries, Android is preferred on tablets over iPadOS.

For the above devices, smartphones and other pocket-sized devices make up 58%, desktops and laptops 39%, and tablets 2.5%. Smartphones have the most use in virtually all countries, including in the US, at 51%, with PC operating systems (including Windows) down to 46%.

Linux has completely dominated the supercomputer field since 2017, with all of the top 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world running a Linux distribution. Linux is also most used for (web) servers, and then most often Ubuntu used, the most common Linux distribution.


Overwhelmed with the statistics above? I know how those numbers are now running in your head if you really aren't a subject matter expert or have no inclination to know about this subject. Worry not, I am going to conclude in an understandable manner that will satisfy all our curiosity on the subject.


My conclusion:

Based on the internet usage: android OS rocks the boat mainly because more android smart phone users.

Based on Desktops: Windows takes the lead, closely followed by Mac OS.

Based on mobile devices: android again.

Based on tablets: iPadOS, followed by android.

Super computers: Linux is king!


OS that barely make it to any list:

The long forgotten Symbian OS 

Who knows about the Palm OS 

Did you also know that Huawei has an OS? HarmonyOS 


From where I stand; I will be a dedicated Windows user on my Desktop, an IOS user on my smart phone and I really don't want to interact with a tablet yet as I have no such need! 

Your thoughts and opinions are invited on this post, but keep it understandable if you are a geek.


Sources and facts collated from but not limited to:

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  1. I’m finding that I use my phone more then my laptop.

    1. That is understandable but for most functions like writing mails and responding to comments I use the desktop unless I can reply in one line or statement


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