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Idiots guide to the Galaxy: Audio Captcha Verification!

My favorite frustration on the internet is getting struck out at the image captcha after filling out a tedious online registration form. Luckily some sense prevailed over and developers recognised that blind users are now able to access the internet using assistive technology called a screen reader, so they provide alternate ways to the captcha trap.

It's either a text captcha, email verification or an audio captcha. The latest verification mode is through OTP (One Time Password) that is sent to your mobile number and you need to input the values in a editfield to verify that you are not a bot. If you find all the mentioned verification methods on a website, a screen reader user like me, will think of the developers of the website as God!

So here I am trying to verify myself using an audio captcha on a page and I hear nothing. I think I am not doing it right so ask for assistance and I get it but still I hear nothing. For those not familiar with audio captcha, it's a form of verification introduced so that blind users can verify on the page that they are not a bot trying to access content OR register. In this kind of captcha you get to hear numbers or words in a really creepy voice and you are required to type what you hear in an edit box. So I get frustrated and wish to contact these great developers that have just put a dummy audio captcha link on their website. I do the basic checks if I have blocked pop up's and cookies and all looks good to me. I quickly email my frustration to the concerned and expect a legitimate resolution to my challenge.

The reply that I get will reflect on why I chose the title of this blog. "Dear user, kindly ensure that the audio on your device is not muted to allow the audio captcha to play and for you to listen to it"

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