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Memorabilia; should one hold on to it?

This has been a really difficult question to answer after I lost my sight; being the kind of person who collected a lot from his experiences, not just memories. From the slam book in school to the first stuffed toy I owned; I kept everything that could be preserved.

An old rusty trunk creeked opened; the kinds that pirates would gather their loot in. Grandma shouts out look what I found and I rush to find out. It was Monkey, my first stuffed toy, she had it in the trunk just the way I had him when I used to be this little boy running streets with no wisdom. I still run the streets with no wisdom but wonder what possible memories were triggered after finding Monkey in the trunk? I remember bathing him which spoilt the stuffed toys soft fur and pulling out it's eyes. My first fountain pen, the picture we took at my school in Kuwait, the pictures I took with all my school friends in India, my scale model collection of vintage motorcycles, posters of Silvester Stallone as Rocky and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Commando, Posters of motorbikes and a few selected vintage cars, audio cassettes, DVD's of my favorite movies,  more pictures, and many other collectables. I even have my name badge from school!

I know they are there but what good are they to me if I cannot see them anymore? I can't appreciate them nor do I have the patience or resources to revive those memories in any other format that is accessible to me. Which also reminds me about my passion to sketch. I hated water colors but loved pencils of all shades and colors. My last project with art was using pencil shavings and sprinkling them on a cardboard sheet which was lazed with glue so that they would stick and form a picture. All these memories 35 years of my life now captured in my mind as I remember them, those streets I rode my motorcycle on, those people who are family, friends, colleagues and the mighty lot of acquaintences. Everything is edged in my memory as I last saw them; some are fading away with time and due to the many new experiences that are being overwritten as memories. I also have preserved my social accounts like Facebook that has many posts and photo memories; the text posts can be read but the photos and images taken at that time I will not be able to relate to since I cannot see them anymore; same with my account with Google Photos and Picasa.

This blog and all the posts on it are now like my digital diary which I share with the world. I had a little book of scribbles which I wrote poetry and thoughts in; mind you it was not a diary, more of a collection of thoughts scribbled on the pages as they came into my mind. I used my favorite fountain pens to write in it. I think I should give away everything that can be given away, especially the things that I cannot use or relate with. The posters are long gone into garbage; although they had collectable value. I am not sure if I still have the rest of the items in a box kept somewhere as my family rearranged my life and belongings entirely literally speaking after I lost sight.

What are your thoughts about memorabilia? Do you feel that it's worth holding on to? Do you get nostalgic when you see those items? What kind of memories are triggered when you see them? Are you a collector? If yes, what kind of items? Do let me know in your comments I would really like to know your thoughts.

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  1. I am currently waiting on boxes from my grandpa to go through my stuff. I know what you mean when you talk about keeping special things. Jesus is teaching me that I can take a truck with me to heaven, and our little apartment can’t hold much- so half of my stuff with have to be donated.


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