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Blind Bloopers: Blind Date OR Dating Blind?

Facebook has helped me connect with so many old lost friends in the journey I call life. One of these lost friends was an old flame from college, then

a looker and a drop dead gorgeous eye candy chick. Forgive me ladies, that's how we men think and talk about pretty looking women. This is the wrong blog

to expect political correctness, get with the program and be a sport!

With great enthusiasm I sent her an "Add Friend" request. Days went by, but the cows never came home, meaning she didn't accept the request. My thoughts

went like this: May be she is busy with her kids, may be she doesn't know how to use Facebook, may be her internet service provider is acting up with her

connectivity, may be her computer is broke, may be her dog died. Every thought but the obvious, that she's not interested to accept my request. Call me

desperate to connect with this woman, I sent her a PM i.e. private message OR personal message you tell me; the wait began with a fresh energy.

The day came when I got notified about a message I received on Facebook messenger; not expecting anything I went ahead and opened the app. on my phone

to read it. It was her! her message read: Who is this? How do you know me? have we met? Now all those questions about why she didn't accept my friend request

were answered; she had forgotten me totally. So, I did the manly task of refreshing her memory and got a positive response from her with apologies for

not recognizing me and the friend request was accepted. I let it be like that for weeks; being the silly me on Facebook sharing the usual stuff as posts

and general forwards of interest.

Interestingly, another message from her on messenger asking me if we could meet? I was a bit hesitant because I really didn't know if she was aware about

my condition i.e. I had lost sight in both eyes, leaving me blind. Secondly, how will she react if we met and she found out like that? Should I tell her

before our meeting or take her by surprise? Thirdly didn't know if meeting her after so long would be the right thing to do, after all I was married and

a father to a child etc. And of all the people why did she want to meet me? Curious... I said yes, since we were in the same city we picked a Coffee Day

outlet which was at close proximity to the both of us and Sunday at 12PM in the afternoon we were to meet.

Came the day, butterflies in the stomach felt like elephants on a rampage but I knew whatever it was to be done it will be done and will happen the way

it is meant to be. I told my wife that I am going to meet a friend, if I mentioned woman friend she would have killed me right there and this story would

have been cut short and that would hurt the reader and the writer very bad. I had my best pair of jeans and my favorite orange POLO collared T-Shirt on

and a bit of CK to do the magic. I used my Uber app. to book a ride to my destination and in 3 minutes before I could finish convincing my wife that I

can manage alone and there is nothing to be worried about me going out alone the cab was at my door step ready to pick me up. I did surprise the driver

a bit with my blindness but that's another story for you. We arrived at the Coffee Day 15 minutes early I got down took some assistance and got to the

door to the place. I called her up to tell her that I have already reached and to ask her how long will she be?

On my way another 5 minutes. So I went in and made myself comfortable. I was greeted by some staff asking me if I needed help and I asked them for a nice

table to entertain a date and they helped with it. I didn't order anything till it was time. 5 minutes became 10 then 20 and I called again to get a busy

tone on her number. I was getting impatient and that coffee smell I couldn't resist! So I called for service and told them to get me a sandwich and a coffee

black, no sugar; I was served!

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  1. Great post. It’s always good to catch up with old friends.


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