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Gaining competencies; restructuring a career at 46!

This is going to be a really boring read; but I just had to document this so that my future self can look back on how I acquired a competency at work for Transition Management and thought about restructuring my career at the young age of 46!

It was the end of October 2022; I was asked to gain a competency at work and I had to choose from the following: Technical, Domain and Process. For those who don't know what a competency is: Competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that contribute to individual and organizational performance. It all has to do with skilling and re-skilling to stay relevant to the business.

I reviewed all the competencies listed under each i.e. Technical, Domain and Process and felt that I could take up acquiring a Process based competency. Each competency has levels that define your expertise/ knowledge on the subject. I had to acquire a E2 level competency and the levels are upto E5. In order to acquire this competency I had to register for a training workshop with a duration of 8 days, 4 hours a day. The process competency I chose to acquire at E2 level was for Transition Management. Transition management is not only an interesting process but a complicated one as such; everything in this process is not data driven  but is heavily influenced by behavioural and influential skills. The ability to manage time, people, documentation, infrastructure and budgets is what makes a great Transition Manager.

I am not going to bore you with what I learnt; and who gives away a trade secret today? All I can add to this piece of experience is that it was really grueling sitting for the workshops each day for 4 hours. I skipped meals, bio-and smoke breaks. Did not have any contact with the outside world when I was tuned in to the workshop; grasping each piece of information and learning the what, how and why of the process. After the 8th day of the workshop, I had to take up an online assessment. I scored a 84, with the cut off being 80 this is so not impressive. However, you are looking at an E2 level certified competency holder in Transition Management. That's really kewl, I should say so myself because I know that don't impress you much!

I don't know what the future has to offer; if gaining this competency will actually translate to opportunities to work in Transition Management. I have too many thoughts around it; my disability is just one barrier that has prevented me from reaching my career goals...

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  1. I know how you feel. I had to modify my career goal of being a writer. One thing that has taken the stress off of me is no longer being under the yoke of Vocational Rehabilitation. I can now work on what I want. I already found a part time employment gig that I love. I am finding more working at home jobs every day. It feels so good not to be under that yoke anymore.


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