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Digital India and the ignorance towards accessibility

While the whole country is looking forward to going digital, I am surprised as to why the Indian Government chooses to ignore the visually impaired community or the disabled community as a whole?

I went to the portal to download my aadhaar card (Indian version of SSN) today and there is an image captcha on the page with no other alternative i.e. audio or text to solve the captcha.

But I am being mocked on the page where I can check the status of my application for the aadhaar card. There is a link for screen reader users, not sure how that came up, but it's there. Visit the website to confirm!

I don't think the engineers who work for the government and design these webpages understand accessibility very well. Which also makes me want to question the competency they hold to approve such ignorant ways of representing the visually impaired or disabled community. Having the link that says screen reader has no magic to it when you can't understand the theory, practicality and philosophy of accessibility, equal access to all on the web. I expect more from the government, 

it's been decades that the visually impaired community has been sidelined on all government initiatives. It's ignorant and disrespectful for not imbibing inclusivity in your governance when you have the technology and the best of talent in your country.

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