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Friendships and mental health; can you be a friend? (II/II)

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The meeting at the breakfast place that served the worlds second best coffee was an enlightening one. I learned a new thing about having social circles; how newly met acquaintences are able to relate to you and sort of run into the Friendship zone. Well actually not, since this was just the first meeting of a group of people; for friendship to take place, there should be situations that help build trust and in this situation there was no such. Moving on, the very next day; I start getting messages and calls from one of the common friends about the book keeper. The messages were alarming and had indicated that the book keeper was in trouble, big, big trouble! 

I was worried and tried calling his number but the number was switched off, there was no contact possible with the book keeper even through what app. On the same day, a LinkedIN post mentioned about a few activists who were arrested and beaten for raising their voice; I had no clue why this post came to my feed but I tried to comment and tag the book keeper; wonder why the profile did not show up in the tag results. Strange, but for some reason the LinkedIN profile of the book keeper had also been deleted. A whole day went by calling common friends trying to ensure the safety of the book keeper and his wearabouts.

Finally a sigh of relief; when one of the common friends who knew where the book keeper lived visited him and found out that the book keepers phone had been stolen and that is why we were not able to reach him. I spoke to this common friend and the book keeper on speaker and that was reassuring of his safety.

However, many things did not add up; the messages from the other common friend. The post on LinkedIN and a random message on LinkedIN messaging from the ID that posted about the arrest of some activists. Before responding to the message I checked the profile of the messenger; and to my surprise; it was the same as it was for the book keeper. This really  creeped me out. So I in my reply; messaged saying that I know it is him but did not understand why he was doing what he was doing. I was surprised to receive an abuse. I just put 2 and 2 together and did not want to be a part of the drama and blocked all communication with the book keeper.

From what I understand; the book keeper is under going some mental stress at work and needs help. I do not have the expertise to deal with such situations, nor have I ever met someone with this kind of condition. With all the challenges already in my life, I was not going to invite another complication. It was best for me to ignore and let go. With the hope the common friends or family will help him out. In conclusion he needs professional help.

Was I a good friend? Obvious answer is NO. But given my circumstance I really could not afford to do anything else. Yes, I could listen to him but the communication has been so complicated and bizzare that I really didn't want to engage...

Dear readers; I am sure you have judged me on this experience and post; but honestly; I have a lot of things going on in my own life, which I don't wish to discuss. Trust me, I did mean well and wish things to be better. If you have a friend who is dealing with mental stress; unlike me don't walk away. Talk to them and support them to the best you can. You can read more on mental health and friendships HERE

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