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New subscribers; lot to write about and the race against time

A week back or mor; I reached out to my groups on Facebook asking, actually begging to help increase my subscribers list. I was overwhelmed by 4 subscribers! If I were to do my statistics on the number of groups I posted in and the number of subscribers I got post this effort; the percentage of success would be 4%. A number that I just made up because my computing with percentages is like asking a duck to fly!

The good news is that as of today The Somebody, Nobody, Anybody and Everybody Blog has around 30 subscribers who are actively receiving posts from me. They are reading all the new content I post through the mail alerts they get; one of the advantages of subscribing to the blog using the email subscription form.

The bad news is that The Somebody, Nobody, Anybody and Everybody Blog has 0 revenue from the purchases made through the affiliate links/ banners that disappeared from the site thanks to amazon; even they have no clue why the banners are not appearing on the site. I have written to them a plenty but they say some users are facing this problem and they are investigating it; by the time I am sure I can expect some grand children to be doing their PHD in ignorance.

Having said all that; I am appreciative of my subscribers who are now in some way through the gift of technology receiving all new posts on the blog in their mailbox. In case you did not know this convenience of you the reader getting the latest posts in your inbox by mail is a CTC (Cost To Charlie). They say all is fair in love and the crap that can be published on the internet. I would not put my money on the former i.e. love; have you seen the numbers on broken families due to divorce, cheating partners and camel fetish?

Shot through the heart and you're to blame. You give love a bad name. I play my part, and you play your game...

This whole month since December, 2022 till date has been a crazy time. However it all started from the month of October, 2022. Where the management of my company decided to upskill me with a market relevant competency. I have written about it HERE 

Having acquired this skill/ competency I felt like I had more to gain by further building on it as a career change within the company so I decided to go in for an external certification in cloud technology; MS Azure. I always bite more than I can chew; that explains all the broken teeth that were supposed to do the grinding and chewing of food. I have had multiple visits to the dentist and wasted enough man hours in the waiting room listening to others in the clinic getting their teeth drilled into. As of now; I have completed one training module on the fundamentals, contemplating the next one and a mock examination before the final certification. If I said all this effort is to gain more knowledge and skills I would be lying through my ass; it’s all being done to get a bigger slice of the pie in terms of money. A promotion would be handy; but who is in their right mind going to lend that hand? One has to shake and break it by themselves.

Added to all these I am also going through that woman thing; popularly known as mood swings. Yes, you heard me right, we men also are pushed so up the wall at times that we have to undergo such emotions. At times I feel disconnected with the world; a place in my own mind where all the so called worries or realities of life are kept in the background while I sit enjoying a whisky with 3 ice cubes and soda with Robert De Niro chatting about just nothing. That reminds me about this popular sitcom TV show called Seinfeld; if you haven’t watched it please do. What is the show about? NOTHING!

Coming back to current affairs; I am going to experience pain. Real pain conflicted by family and the truth. The house I called home for more than 40 years is going to be sold and we should be moving to greener pastures way away from the city into a gated community. All I can think about this fiasco is that the baboons will have their new cages latest by end of March, 2023. I on the other hand will have to erase all memories of my association with my neighborhood, the neighbors and the friends that I made through all these years. I would also have to give up the proximity to the city. Think about it like floating on a raft at the distance of seeing the Island you can’t reach because there is no water in the pool. Floating, yeah right! Easier said than done, many of the baboons I know are very confident on their position on this decision and the way it would be carried out. I am detached; let what be will be and let what not be not.

That is all for now folks; stay tuned to this space. I am writing another post; hoping to publish next week on how men too are victims of bias; why should women have all the fun? The society expects that every guy must be “strong, courageous, independent, rich, intelligent, violent, insensitive, less expressive, assertive”. The moment a guy fails to meet any of these parameters, he immediately experiences the challenges, the flip side of being a man.

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  1. Don't feel bad about your blog. I'm in the same boat. I gain new followers, but have very limited income from it. I basically do side gigs. But I haven't gained anything from my writing.

    1. Apart from my job that pays peanuts I have no other side gigs; this is the side gig I had in mind to earn some $ so that I can put it to use to support the sites listed under the disclaimer section of the website


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