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On a break!

The time has come to say goodbye to the house I have been living in since 1991; we are moving to a new house or like I would now call it facility. I understood that the minute you call a house a home; you are emotionally attached with it and find it hard to let go. This is exactly what is happening with me as I write this post. I am finding it really hard to say goodbye to my home; but I have very little or no control. That is to be done, will be done and that they will call destiny!

Readers, until I move in to the new house; you will not receive any posts on The Somebody, Nobody, Anybody and Everybody Blog. The new house is just a shell and it needs to be made ready to live in; by which I simply mean there is no internet there yet. So, The Somebody, Nobody, Anybody and Everybody Blog is on a break until then.

Planet Krypton is where Superman was born; unfortunately right after his birth they decided to blow the planet up! This was part of the plan so that we could have Superman on planet Earth. The irony is on planet Krypton; Superman had no super powers whatsoever; however on Earth, he had super strength, speed, the ability to fly, see through things, bend metal like it was putty etc.

For me it’s going to be quite the opposite experience, the new place will be Krypton; where as my home was Earth, all that I knew and all that I experienced was under this roof. 

We will be back shortly; pray that all goes well. Meanwhile to entertain yourself, please visit and read the older published blogs if you haven’t yet and for crying out loud, buy something from the amazon affiliate links on the blog so that I can make some $!

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