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ATTENTION SCREEN READER USERS: To stop the name appearing as anonymous when you comment on posts!

ATTENTION SCREEN READER USERS: To stop the name appearing as anonymous when you comment on this post, follow the instructions below:

  1. Either sign into your Google account else
  2. Enter focus mode on the edit box of the comment, type your comment and then SHIFT TAB to get to the drop down. Use the up and down arrow keys to make your selection if you don’t want to sign in, use the option NAME and URL and hit enter. This will open a new dialogue box. In the name field enter your name and the URL field the link to your website/ blog. Shift tab to where it says continue and hit enter, this will take you back to the page where you have typed your comment. TAB to the Publish button and hit enter. Your comment will be published with the name you provided.

PS. Non-Screen Reader users who do not wish to sign into the Google account can follow same instructions; it’s better to have a name on your comment instead of being any mouse

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  1. I am not signing in with google here, because when I am signing in, google is creating a blogger account for me, which I don't want. and when I am choosing the name / URL option, it still kicks me bad saying that the URL is invalid though it is 100% correct and working. the URL was of my company's Domain which is which I have also tried without www. however, it allowed me to continue with the blank URL only with the name filled.

    1. That is awesome, did not know that you can leave the URL field blank, thank you for that information. Trying that now when posting this comment. All you need is a Google account, not sure why it's asking you to create a blogger account. I posted this one because a friend of mine in the United Kingdom posts anonymously and I would like a name for each comment!

  2. I followed the steps and it still doesn't work for me.

    1. That is strange are you using a mobile device or a computer? I usually respond to comments on my computer and it works fine. Which browser are you using? I by default use Google Chrome


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