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Just another day, it's not in paradise

Today 18 June, 2023 I had the little one come and kiss me on the cheek with a wish "Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!". I also got a chocolate as a fathers day gift, she insisted that I eat it even though I told her to eat it. Such moments are so heart warming. Her mother put her up to wishing me, otherwise what do little 7 year old daughters know about such days?

For my daughter, I am her hero. I am Superman, I am the one that saves her from a beating when she has done her bit of mischief. She also expects the world of me at times. There was one day, where she introduced her friends to me with a disclaimer "You should tell him your name, my father cannot see you". The other little kids knew not even the B of blindness as they have never met someone with it. When she has something to show off, she runs to me and says see Daddy, this is what I got and then gives me the visual description detailed to the bone so that I can understand what she is showing me. She also asks me to touch the item so that I can get a tactile feel of the item.

From the day she was born, I was worried about a zillion things. I am not a complete man, can I be a complete farther? I remember when in the hospital when she was born, the zillion names we had short-listed were blown away in the wind and I greeted her with a new name, which we then registered on her birth certificate. This made the cow mad, really mad! P.S. This is not the Holy Cow you are thinking of please.

At times I feel really helpless and hurt, because I cannot take her out on my motorcycle and indulge in outdoor sports with her; by the way she is already becoming a pro in football. I want her to also take up basket ball as a sport. She gets to swim in the pool of the society we live in; I am one day going to muster the courage to dive in with her. Yes, there are times where I feel that I have completely failed her as a father but she on the other hand isn't that unruly about it. One day I had a fight with the cow, she didn't serve us dinner, so the duo, my daughter and I went out of the gate of the society and dined in a fast food joint just outside our gate. The smarty pants asked me; you don't have any cash, how will you pay him? I told her online and then she said yes, I forgot you can pay online, that is how you buy everything I forgot!

For me Fathers day isn't special without my daughter and yes for all of us it's just another day being Dad. I can't think about how this day would be without this angel in my life; soon she will be a teenager and all hell will break loose!

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  1. Hope you had a great Father’s Day.

  2. Yes the day was fun, it I think was my day off or I was avoiding work. We did do some campus mapping i.e. exploring the campus where we have recently moved into


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