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Should I challenge myself to write one post a week?

This would be an interesting challenge for me as a blogger. Challenge myself to write one post every week. I know I started off with a bang publishing 2 posts a week. My favorite days were Wednesday and Friday. Don't ask me why but I couldn't stop the creativity

Off late I have been really laid back with publishing anything on the blog. I don't think it's the writers block, just that the past few months after moving out of my home I am still trying to accept and catch up with the many changes that have taken place in my life. I as of today, have no social life except for the one on my phone and computer i.e. social media and this blog. I don't see good reader interaction too, I know my readers do read but they shy away from commenting. I do appreciate the 2 regular readers and commenters; you know who you are.

Having said all that, let the challenge begin; I shall have one post coming to you every Wednesday; starting next week. That's not a promise!

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  1. Please write more! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers drop off the face of the earth. My inbox is bare these days.

  2. never break the chain! try to be consistent. dam we are waiting for Wednesdays to come!

  3. I am already working on content, it should reach you all shortly hopefully every Wednesday. I am also working on adding more to the other categories on my blog i.e. Technology and Blind Bloopers. Right now much is being published under the Notebook category. I will be taking the plunge and getting myself a domain name and linking it to my blog site. It's apparently easy to do. Write to you shortly, until then stay subscribed!


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