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Reflections on Missing Disability Pride Month: An Honest Account of My Emotions

As a person with a disability, I'm deeply disappointed that I completely missed Disability Pride Month June 2023 this year. I feel ashamed because advocating for disability rights is vital to me. I know the struggles faced by individuals like me, and I'm passionate about breaking down barriers. Amidst life's chaos, I overlooked the significance of the month, and I regret it.

Despite my disappointment, I realize that we all make mistakes. I'll use this as a reminder to be more proactive in my advocacy, not just during Disability Pride Month, but throughout the year. I commit to participating in events, supporting disability-focused organizations, and using my voice to promote inclusivity and understanding.

While I may have missed this year's observance, I'm ready to embrace my role as a disability advocate with renewed enthusiasm. I'll learn from this experience, grow, and continue working towards creating a world that celebrates diversity and empowers all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

Let this be a turning point in my journey of disability pride and advocacy, inspiring others to join me in building a more inclusive and compassionate world. Will you take a pledge with me on this?

I pledge to be a fierce ally, promoting inclusivity, challenging ableism, and celebrating the strength of persons with disabilities.

Sign your name as a comment say I pledge!

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