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A guy named: Deon van Danville from SA, this is his story Part III

Forget those typical high school stories about pep rallies and prom dates. Deon van Danville's high school experience in George, South Africa, was a whole different level of awesome. Picture this: 1967, a bunch of 12-year-old kids, a foundation of mud, and a dream to build their own school—literally. And Deon, with his sights set on becoming an electrician, was right at the heart of it.

Deon had low vision, but that didn't stop him from aiming for the sparks. When everyone else was saying "go to the school for the blind," Deon was like, "nah, I'm gonna rock this technical school." Only problem? The school didn't actually exist yet. Talk about a plot twist!

But Deon and his 70 classmates weren't about to let a little thing like "no building" stop them. They grabbed their tools, rolled up their sleeves, and got to work. Picture a crew of determined kids, hammering away under the South African sun, learning trades like bricklaying, welding, and electrical wiring (that's Deon's jam) from their teachers-turned-construction-crew.

Think their classrooms were boring? Nope! They had lessons under trees, with blueprints as textbooks and sawdust as decoration. Talk about hands-on learning! And when the school day was done, they'd cycle two miles to their hostel, take turns doing dishes (teamwork!), and share stories under starry skies.

Deon, despite getting a few "slowpoke" jabs (that's "vertraag" in Afrikaans), kept on tinkering and experimenting, earning himself the nickname "Professor Umpty." He was the spark that kept everyone going, proving that even with low vision, he could light up the world—literally.

Three years later, guess what? They had built a school. From scratch. With their own hands. Gardens, a gym, workshops buzzing with skilled trades, and Deon's electrical masterpiece powering it all. And they didn't stop there—they built a school for girls too! Talk about breaking barriers and building dreams!

Deon's story is a reminder that sometimes, the most fulfilling journeys aren't about following the paved path. They're about grabbing a hammer, rolling up your sleeves, and building your own path—brick by brick. It's about proving that "can't" is just a word, and that hard work, teamwork, and a whole lot of heart can light up even the darkest corners.

So, next time you're feeling stuck or limited, remember Deon and his crew. They built a school from the ground up. Imagine what you can build when you unleash your own spark. It might not be a school, but it'll be something electrifying, that's for sure.

All content published in this post is an expression of Deon van Danville’s life growing up. The author has no right over this content and has published it only after taking consent from the writer which here in this case is: Deon van Danville

Source: Deon van Danville Facebook Feed

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