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Happy Valentines day to you all, here is a love letter that I did not send to anyone

My dearest windows, once open wide to the world's embrace,

You were my brushstrokes, painting landscapes untold, capturing the sun's warmth on a child's face, the moon's soft glow on oceans bold. You revealed the whispers of wind through fields of gold, the firefly's dance in a summer night, and the stories     etched in ancient lines, holding secrets bathed in light.

Now, a veil hangs where vibrant hues once played, shrouding the canvas in shades of quiet gray. Yet, your echoes linger, vibrant memories displayed, a kaleidoscope of moments tucked away. In twilight dreams, you flicker back to life, painting scenes with breathtaking, vivid might. I dance with sunlight, feel the ocean's gentle strife, and lose myself in the warmth of love's soft light.

Though the brush may rest, the colors etched within, whisper tales of beauty whispered on the breeze. The scent of rain, the wind's touch, a loved one's gentle grin, become the whispers that my heart appease.

Hope's ember flickers, a promise yet unseen, of brushes dipped in light, a canvas bright once more. But even if this dream remains a whispered sheen, your gift of memories paints my heart's core.

With love that transcends the veil's embrace,

One who sees the world your whispers trace.

Can you guess to whom this love letter is written to?

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  1. I hope you had a great day. My husband and I went to the horse show and I got queen of the show and a flower from the yellow knight who won the battle. It was a lot of fun.


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